Clearance Procedures at Marina Zar-Par, Boca Chica

To clear in one must visit Immigration (located in the marina) and pay $15.00 for each crewmember visa which will allow for a 30 days stay. The Visa is very easy to renew. In addition there is a $73.00 charge to clear the boat in. Both the charge for the visa and the charge for the boat are a ONE TIME CHARGE, and need not be paid again if you go to another Dominican Port.When you arrive you will be checked in by the Coast Guard (Marina Guerra), M-2 (intelligence) and Drugs. These individuals may board your boat and may check below decks. If they choose to check below decks,has someone escort them. There is no charge for their services.In order to maintain the offices of Immigration and Coast Guard the marina must pay all the costs for their presence.

In addition the marina duplicates and provides files for each of the authorities. The service fee to provide the services, inclusive of all gratuities is approximately $100.00 US. The fee also includes, sending an individual to the Coast Guard station to obtain your departing Despacho.

If one is NOT CLEARING IN at Boca Chica, but simply coming from another Dominican Harbor, the above charges and fees DO NOT APPLY. In that case there are no fees. On departing the Captain can go to the Coast Guard station to obtain his Despacho or pay a small fee to send an individual to obtain it.