Marine Hoist

Marina Zar Par Hoist

70 Ton Marine Hoist, 28’ INSIDE OPENING

It’s one thing to see your boat cradled on a hoist during repairs, but quite another to watch the marine hoist in motion – well, slow motion — as it maneuvers ever so slowly and deliberately to haul or launch a boat.

The bigger the boat, and thus necessarily the hoist, the more delicately the hoist must be handled. Marina Zar Par’s (Boca Chica, DR) shiny new red hoist has a 70 ton capacity and a 28’ (8.4 m) inside width – that’s wide enough to haul most boats, including about 90% of all the catamarans that populate the Caribbean.

The process began before launch when, following extensive work with the boat on blocks, the hoist was moved into place and the boat secured in the slings.

For a short haul, a boat might remain “in the slings” from haul to launch.

Marina Zar Par’s hoist operator waits to catch the high tide before beginning the slow dance from the boatyard to the water, a wise precaution since the draft to access the pit is maximum 8’ (2.4 m) at high tide.

If you need to haul out, power, sail including a wide Catamaran, come to Marina ZarPar in Boca Chica where getting hauled out is quick, simple and inexpensive. CALL AND MAKE YOUR RESERVATION OR STOP BY THE OFFICE. IN MOST CASES A HAUL CAN BE ARRANGED IN 24 HOURS.