The Marina is located at: 18°25.50N 69°36.67W on
the south shore of the Dominican Republic.

Cruising Sailors

The harbor is referred to as San Andreas (old harbor) or Caucedo (new harbor). Coming in you will pass the new harbor (mega port) and leave it to port. As you turn to starboard at the end of the channel entering, you will leave the old harbor also to port. Favoring your port side, you will then leave the private club Nautico to port, and ahead you will see the Marina. The bottom is mostly sand and mud and the controlling depth is 10 feet, (when the wind is out of the NE, the depth will be less by about one foot. And if you arrive at low tide, allow for another foot.) Vessels drawing more than 7’ should contact the Marina before entry for assistance.

Marina Zar-Par offers courtesy rides to the airport for dropoffs. On request the Marina will also drop off and pick up those that want to grocery shop in Boca Chica, the large tourist town just to the east of the Marina. The town has banks, as well as a number of grocery stores. 24 hour security keeps the Marina private and safe. The Marina is well illuminated at night as well.


Within easy reach of Santo Domingo – only 12 miles to the west. The international airport, Las Americas, is just 7 miles to the west and has daily flights to most countries.


The Marina has 150 well designed new slips. All slips have fingers and ample cleats to secure. The slips also have water (free) and electric (30/50 and 100 amps). WiFi is free at the Marina, or if you don’t have a laptop the internet can be utilized through a computer in the front office set aside for your use.


The Marina boasts a lovely RESTAURANT overlooking the water on a beautiful wooden deck, offering good and reasonably priced food. If you need a packed lunch (breakfast or dinner), the restaurant will be happy to provide a delicious meal tailored to your requirements.


There is a full Laundromat in the CAPTAINS BUILDING, which has 3 washing machines and 2 dryers, all large capacity commercial grade. Tokens for the use of the machines are available at the front office. Above the Laundromat is IMMIGRATION as well as the CAPTAINS CLUB. The club has Cable TV and offers wonderful views of the bay.

Marina Zar-Par offers courtesy rides to the airport for dropoffs. On request the Marina will also drop off and pick up those that want to grocery shop in Boca Chica, the large tourist town just to the east of the Marina. The town has banks, as well as a number of grocery stores.

24 hour security keeps the Marina private and safe. The Marina is well illuminated at night as well.

Phone number for the Marina is 809 523 5858

Clearance Procedures
At Marina Zar-Par, Boca Chica

To clear in one must visit Immigration (located in the marina) and pay $10.00 for each crewmember visa which will allow for a 30 days stay. The Visa is very easy to renew. In addition there is a $43.00 charge to clear the boat in. Both the charge for the visa and the charge for the boat are a ONE TIME CHARGE, and need not be paid again if you go to another Dominican Port.When you arrive you will be checked in by the Coast Guard (Marina Guerra), M-2 (intelligence) and Drugs. These individuals may board your boat and may check below decks. If they choose to check below decks,has someone escort them. There is no charge for their services.In order to maintain the offices of Immigration and Coast Guard the marina must pay all the costs for their presence.

In addition the marina duplicates and provides files for each of the authorities. The service fee to provide the services, inclusive of all gratuities is approximately $100.00 US. The fee also includes, sending an individual to the Coast Guard station to obtain your departing Despacho.

If one is NOT CLEARING IN at Boca Chica, but simply coming from another Dominican Harbor, the above charges and fees DO NOT APPLY. In that case there are no fees. On departing the Captain can go to the Coast Guard station to obtain his Despacho or pay a small fee to send an individual to obtain it.


Marina Zar-Par is a full service Marina which provides the following additional services:


Free transport to airport for dropoff, Free transport and pickup to Boca Chica for shopping, Free Captains club with Cable TV, Free WiFi


Free internet in reception area, Free use of Cell Phones, Free copies of ALL AT SEA AND COMPASS, Free copy of DOMINICAN CRUISING GUIDE


Disposal of waste oil and batteries, Laundry machines on premises, Fax, Electrician / Mechanic / Stainless steel work, Canvas work Bottom, Propeller and Shaft Cleaning


Assistance with arranging inland tours, Information on touring the capital Santo Domingo, On premises low cost restaurant, Day laborers: Cleaning inside and outside and waxing hull, Boat Delivery to any destination

NOTE: If the boat owner contracts for outside labor to enter into the marina, the marina will charge $10.00 per serviceman per day for use of the facilities. All servicemen must register in the office and obtain credentials. The fee must be paid daily. In addition, the Marina ZarPar reserves the right to deny entry to any service contractor or mechanic based on marina’s past experience with the individual or company.

Marine Hoist

Marina Zar Par: 70 Ton Marine Hoist, 28’ INSIDE OPENING

It’s one thing to see your boat cradled on a hoist during repairs, but quite another to watch the marine hoist in motion – well, slow motion — as it maneuvers ever so slowly and deliberately to haul or launch a boat.

The bigger the boat, and thus necessarily the hoist, the more delicately the hoist must be handled. Marina Zar Par’s (Boca Chica, DR) shiny new red hoist has a 70 ton capacity and a 28’ (8.4 m) inside width – that’s wide enough to haul most boats, including about 90% of all the catamarans that populate the Caribbean.

The process began before launch when, following extensive work with the boat on blocks, the hoist was moved into place and the boat secured in the slings.

For a short haul, a boat might remain “in the slings” from haul to launch.

Marina Zar Par’s hoist operator waits to catch the high tide before beginning the slow dance from the boatyard to the water, a wise precaution since the draft to access the pit is maximum 8’ (2.4 m) at high tide.

If you need to haul out, power, sail including a wide Catamaran, come to Marina ZarPar in Boca Chica where getting hauled out is quick, simple and inexpensive. CALL AND MAKE YOUR RESERVATION OR STOP BY THE OFFICE. IN MOST CASES A HAUL CAN BE ARRANGED IN 24 HOURS.

Marina Rates

Moorings – US$30.00 per day (Dominican 18% sales tax included) boats up to 50 feet (25% discount of 2 or more months are paid in full in advance.)
Over 50 feed US$60.00 per day.

Our moorings are high quality professional moorings, with heavy duty chain and swivel. They will easily hold a boat secure up to 40 tons. All moorings have lines that are frequently cleaned and checked; you may add your own line(s) as well.

Morings include the use of fresh water, the bathrooms / showers, the laundramat, the WiFi, the computer in the front office, the Captain´s club, Dinghy dock, Waste oil disposal tank, and all other Marina services. On request in the office they will take you in the marina vehicle to Boca Chica or to Ole Supermarket or the airport at no charge subject to availability.

Slips: Boats to 60 feed: US$1.18 per foot, per day (Includes ITBIS).
Slips: Boats 61 feed and over = US$2.36 per foot per day (Includes ITBIS).
Slips: Boats 80 feed and over = US$4.72 per day (Includes ITBIS).
The above rates are subjet to 10% discount if one month or more is paid IN ADVANCE.


Water is included at no additional charge.

Electric connections (Monophase): $3.00 per day for boats in transit up to 50’ without air conditioning boats in transit above 50’ with full power will be based on consumption per Kilo or average approximation based on office data base.



Permanent Docking Spaces

Up to 25 feet – US$280.00 per month
Up to 25 feet – US$276.00 per month - Muelle playa
Up to 32 feet – US$384.00 per month
Up to 40 feet – US$502.00 per month
Up to 50 feet – US$708.00 per month
Up to 60 feet – US$1,002.00 per month
Over 60 feet & over $20.34 US per month per foot
Over 80 feet & over $32.56 US per month per foot

Note: The above sizes are for general use. To be in the category, the boat must fif in the slip size that corresponds to the price quoted. Slips are: Very small, small, medium, large, very large and Thead.




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