The Marina is located at: 18°25.50N 69°36.67W on the south shore of the Dominican Republic.


To clear in one must visit Immigration (located in the marina) and pay 15.00 US$ for each crewmember visa which will allow for a 30 days stay. The Visa is very easy to renew.

In addition there is a 73.00 US$ charge to clear the boat in wich allow 3 month in Dominican Republic. Both the charge for the visa and the charge for the boat are a ONE TIME CHARGE, and need not be paid again if you go to another Dominican Port.

These individuals may board your boat and may check below decks. If they choose to check below decks, has someone escort them. There is no charge for their services. In order to maintain the offices of Immigration and Coast Guard the marina must pay all the costs for their presence.

In addition, if you wish to use a tourist agent he will manage all documents, taxes, the cost will be 250.00 US$, this includes duplicates of all necessary documents. Officers, the proper assistance for your departure from the port (Dispatch), and the tips and the manage service.


If someone of the crew that arrived at port on your boat and want to leave by plane, you must go through the immigration office and pay a tax that is called Desenrolo, this tax has a cost of 1500 RD$, plus 500 RD$ for the request of air departure to the central office of migration, same procedure apply if a passenger wants to add to his list of crew member. This process is called Enrolo.
If one is NOT CLEARING IN at Boca Chica, but simply coming from another Dominican Harbor, the previous charges and fees DO NOT APPLY.

The Navy of Dominican Republic, will charge 20 US$ for the international Despacho. The Captain can go for it, but can send the tourist agent to obtain it for you 40.00 US$

The captain must arrange with all the authorities the departure if he decided to pick up the Despacho himself. To leave you should make it from 8:00AM until 5:45PM

Vessels arriving after 6:00 PM must pay an additional tax for the authorities to receive them.

All the procedures can be managed by the Tourist Agent for the amount mentioned above 250.00 US$ this includes tips to different officers, arrival and departure included.