The Marina is located at: 18°25.50N 69°36.67W on the south shore of the Dominican Republic.


Marina Zarpar has to be a must in the Caribbean, where our commitment is to provide an excellent personalized service


125 spaces of different sizes and equipped with electricity and drinking water for your comfort

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And also free internet in the office with a guest computer

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Standard washing and drying machines at your disposal

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In our "beach dock" we have gasoline and diesel for your boat

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Marina Rates

Our moorings are of high quality, with heavy and rotating chains that hold up to 40 tons.

Includes the use of fresh water, bathrooms, showers, WIFI, the computer in reception and the Dinghy dock.


Up to 50 feet: 30.00 US$  per day.

From 50 feet: 60.00 US$ per day.


Boats to 60 feet: 1.18 US$ per foot per day

Boats 61 to 79 feet:  2.36 US$ per foot per day

Boats 80 feet and over: 4.72 US$ per foot per day


Up to 25 feet: 280.00 US$ per month

Up to 32 feet: 384.00 US$ per month

Up to 40 feet: 502.00 US$ per month

Up to 50 feet: 708.00 US$ per month

Up to 60 feet: 1,002.00 US$ per month

61 to 79 feet: 20.34 US$ per foot per month

Over 80 feet & over: 32.56 US$ per foot per month


*Taxes included
* If you pay two or more months in advance we apply a 25% discount

Crusing Sailors

Marina ZarPar offers courtesy rides twice a day to grocery shop in Boca Chica, the large tourist town just to the east of the Marina.

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